Want to be a part of the Meals on Wheels community? No matter your reason for needing a meal we are here to help. 


It's easy to apply!

Becoming a Meals on Wheels client is an easy process. If you think you might be eligible, please contact the Meals on Wheels office at (405) 321-7272 and a Meals on Wheels representative will conduct a brief questionnaire over the telephone. The questions and required materials to determine the client's meal price, based on a sliding fee scale.

Client Registration Information Needed:

  • General information will be required such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, and name of physician
  • An emergency contact name and phone number
  • Health Problems
  • Special Dietary Instructions (i.e. low sodium, low fat)
  • Living Situation
  • Billing Information

Sliding Scale Information:

Meals on Wheels requires payment for the meals that are delivered to our clients. To determine the cost per meal, the following information will be needed at the time of registration:

  • Total monthly income
  • Total amount of out-of-pocket pharmacy and medical expenses paid per month
  • Amount of rent or mortgage per month
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Out-of-pocket insurance expenses per month
  • Other monthly payments

Meal cost is determined by client income. All expenses are subtracted from the client's income and matched up to a sliding fee scale for cost per meal.