About Us


Meals on Wheels of Norman, Inc. is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non profit organization. The agency began serving the Norman community January 21, 1972 as the Norman Mobile Meals Council, under the direction of the late Tedo Prickett, executive director and co-founder.

Meals on Wheels has maintained the same basic philosophy to improve nutrition by providing meal service to the ill, disabled, and senior residents within the Norman city limits. The organization strives to improve the mental health of isolated recipients by providing visitation and to improve the well being of senior citizens in coordination with existing services in the Norman area.

Food delivery originally was provided by the University of Oklahoma's Food Services Department. Later, the meals were handled by the Senior Citizen's Center. Currently, Norman Regional Hospital prepares all meals.  Licensed dietitians determine the necessary meals to accommodate our client's specialized dietary needs with confirmation from our clients' doctors.

Norman Mobile Meals Council changed its name to Meals on Wheels of Norman, Inc. in 1986. Meals on Wheels has an active Board of Directors, three full-time, and one part-time staff. The University of Oklahoma Work Study Program provides Meals on Wheels with Work Study student interns each semester to assist with office responsibilities, as well.